Becoming a GeoSolutions Partner

GeoSolutions understands the need that exists worldwide to support the implementation and maintenance of open source geospatial products. GeoSolutions is offering a unique opportunity to organizations to partner with GeoSolutions to leverage the technical capability and expertise of GeoSolutions while increasing their business.


To be eligible to become a GeoSolutions Partner, a company must:

  • Be a valid business
  • Have a valid website
  • Have a physical address where the GeoSolutions is officially registered
  • Demonstrate previous experience in supporting/deploying/customizing GeoSolutions’s open source products GeoServer, GeoNode, MapStore, GeoWebCache and GeoNetwork
  • Pass the examination
  • Pay the annual Fees
  • Sign the GeoSolutions Partnership agreement

Examination: An examination will be performed to guarantee that the partner understands and is able to properly promote the Suite of products offered by GeoSolutions. If the partner candidate passes the examination the candidate can become a partner. If the candidate partner fails, it can re-take the exam at a later stage as agreed with the GeoSolutions.

Services and support provided by GeoSolutions to the partner

GeoSolutions will provide the Partner technical, commercial, and marketing support for the promotion and sales of services and customized solutions based on the geospatial Open Source software which constitutes the GeoSolutions Suite, hereafter called Suite:

  • GeoServer
  • GeoWebCache
  • GeoNetwork
  • MapStore
  • GeoNode

GeoSolutions will provide the following benefits to the Partner:

Discount to GeoSolutions’ offerings: GeoSolutions’s offerings (enterprise services, subscription services, custom tailored solutions, and training) will be provided at a discounted rate (10%) to the partners in case they are the final users of the offerings. In case that the Partner acts as a reseller of the offerings to third party companies, the discount will not apply to the final user, but the GeoSolutions will recognize 10% as a sale’s commission to the Partner.

Support hours: GeoSolutions will provide 8 hours of initial support to the partner.

Technical and commercial support for offers to potential customers: The Partner will be allowed to use the resumes of the GeoSolutions’s technical team to participate to tenders by offering the direct technical support of GeoSolutions, asking GeoSolutions’s written permission in advance. GeoSolutions will analyze the possibility of cooperating with the Partner for the definition of technical estimates or during commercial discussions with potential customers in case the Partner will consider the cooperation necessary.

Training material:  The training material will be delivered to the Partner and will be regularly updated for the entire duration of the partnership.

Suite roadmap definition: The Partner will have rights to influence the definition of the roadmaps of the Suite products to satisfy its and its customer needs as much as possible.

Early access to new developments: The Partner will be granted the possibility to access new developments before they are released to the public.

Webinar updates: GeoSolutions will offer to the Partner periodic webinars for any release of the supported products.

Annual meetings: GeoSolutions might organize at least one meeting per year with all the Partners to promote the cooperation between all the Partners. The meeting will be sponsored by GeoSolutions. GeoSolutions will not reimburse any travel and lodging expenses.

GeoSolutions references:  Partners will have access to the GeoSolutions’s references, resumes of the key employees, case studies, presentations and publications.

Use of GeoSolutions’s logo: Partners will be allowed to use the logo of GeoSolutions on all media with the selective prior authorization of the GeoSolutions.

Promotional material: All the brochures, promotional flyers and technical documents of the products created by  GeoSolutions can be used and distributed by the Partner by printing on the material his logo together with the logo of GeoSolutions.

Press announcement: GeoSolutions will announce on Magazines and Social Networks the new partnership. Moreover, the logo of the Partner will be inserted on GeoSolutions website in a dedicated section. GeoSolutions will require the Partner to announce the partnership as well, as indicated in the dedicated paragraph below.

Marketing support:  GeoSolutions will promote and sponsor selected success stories from its Partners in geospatial field on magazines and Social Networks.

Express your Interest

If you are interested in becoming a GeoSolutions partner please provide us information via  our contact page by giving us some basic information about your company and its market reach.  We’ll be happy to schedule a meeting with you to discuss this opportunity.