NATO STO-CMRE IDA Decision Support System

Project types: Application development

The Marine Mammal Risk Mitigation project is providing naval exercise planners with information and expertise, in order to assess and mitigate risks to marine mammals from the use of naval active sonar. Support is provided at several stages, from environmental scoping for preliminary risk assessment to marine mammal monitoring tools and risk mitigation. This is achieved through a combination of data collection systems, data analysis and information management tools. With a well-established tradition in underwater acoustics, NATO CMRE has developed and tested a range of passive acoustic monitoring tools for marine mammals. These include moored systems for long term observations, deep sea gliders for cost-effective monitoring of large areas, and towed arrays for ship-based cetacean surveys. Information collected using these systems, together with oceanographic data and visual sightings of marine mammals, allows us to model their distribution, habitat preference and behavior. The Integrated Decision Aid (IDA), developed at CMRE (also known as CMRE-IDA or IDA for simplicity), combines such models with the results of a sound propagation model, mapping areas of risk to marine mammals associated with various operational scenarios.

CMRE-IDA is a web application that allows users to run and visually show on a map the Sound Propagation Models  (also known as SPM) results. The application provides also a set of capabilities to manage both the sound propagation profiles, input parameters and generated outputs. It is also possible to execute raster algebra operations against the available raster layers and the SPM outputs, using the Layer Attribute functionality.

The core components of the CMRE-IDA Infrastructure are the GeoServer, the Open Source project for performing ingestion, visualization, dissemination and processing of geospatial data, Octave, which is an Open Source engine to run Matlab procedures (e.g. the core models inside IDA are Matlab routines, MapStore, which is an Open Source WebGis that’s been used to act as a front-end between the user and the back-end (GeoServer and Octave). In addition we use PosgreSQL with PostGIS spatial extensions as the DBMS. CMRE-IDA is a Service Oriented Application, composed by different modules, as described above. Except for the DBMS and Octave, all the modules are Java based applications, running on a Servlet/Application Container. As Java based applications they run on a Java Virtual Machine configured with default parameters during the installation procedure.



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