FOSS4G 2009 Abstract selected

I have just received notice that one of the abstracts I submitted to FOSS4G 2009 has been voted enough to make into a presentation. The title is "GeoServer, GeoTools and GeoBatch: supporting operational Meteorology and Oceanography" and you can find more info here.So, yeah , see you in Sydney!


Hibernating GeoServer: seeking for scalability and robustness

I thought it would have been worth spending a few minutes to let people know about this development that we are bringing forward at GeoSolutions.Being not only GeoServer developers but also GeoServer hungry users, we have been a bit unpleased in the past by the scalability problems that it was showing by the fact that:GeoServer was keeping all its configuration into memoryGeoServer was making use XML files to handle its internal configurationNow a lot of work has been lately for the upcoming 2.0 version of GeoServer, however, while 2 has been made less evident by GSIP 36 1 has not...