GeoSpatial Apps

GeoSolutions has extensive experience in the design, implementation and support of native GeoSpatial Mobile Apps for the Android platform to be used on both Tablets and Mobile Phones.

We have helped our client to develop infrastructure based on our products for the following field/industries:

  1. Workforce Management and Automation for Utilities
  2. Field Data Collection for Assets Inventories
  3. Integrate Mobile/Web Data Distribution Platforms

If you want to create an integrate infrastructure between server, web and mobile for managing large amount of geospatial information with the ability to work offline in the field, then we can help! We have been able to help existing clients to move from doing field data collection and management on paper to using standard mobile phones by bringing large snapshots of the needed cartography offline with them.

Contact us  for a quote or simply for understanding how we can help your organization reaching its goals.