GeoServer release 2.21.3

GeoServer 2.21.3 Release

Dear Reader,

we are happy to announce the latest release of GeoServer, version 2.21.3, which is now available on the GeoServer website. This is a maintenance release of the GeoServer 2.21.x series, made in conjunction with GeoTools 27.3 and GeoWebCache 1.21.3 by Andrea Aime (GeoSolutions) and Jody Garnett (GeoCat). Special thanks go to them for making this release during the festivities.

Being a maintenance release the focus of the changes has been on stability and bug fixes, Among the changes included in this release, we’d like to point out:

  • Ability to report PostgreSQL column comments in WFS DescribeFeatureType output (needs a store flag to enable).
  • Ability to turn on and off GetFeature output formats, much like the existing WMS controls over GetMap/GetFeatureInfo output formats.
  • Fixed concurrent edit of users, roles and data access rules thorough the REST API.
  • Fixed database connection leak while editing SQL views in the GUI.

Here below we are reporting some of the most interesting changes.

  • GEOS-4727 Editing SQL views seems to be leaking connections

  • GEOS-10632 Make sure GetLegendGraphics honors the WMS memory service limits

  • GEOS-10714 DefaultGeoServerFacade throws ConcurrentModificationException for workspace settings and services

  • GEOS-10729 Concurrent access on data access rules (authorization) can lead to loss of configured catalog mode, and lost rules

  • GEOS-10731 GWC variable Parameterization does not work with due to the bean initialization order

  • GEOS-10696 Allow configuration of Output Format types allowed in GetFeature

  • GEOS-10717 XStreamServiceLoader performance improvement with XstreamPersister caching

  • GEOS-10735 Obfuscate secret key in S3 Blob Store, avoiding requiring reentry when editing and HTML source visibility

  • GEOS-10746 STAC Sortables should be a subset of the configured queryables

  • GEOS-10755 WCS 2.0 module should not use string concatenation to build XML

  • GEOS-10790 Allow to control map transparency in DownloadMapProces

  • GEOS-10716 Build schema for simple feature types leveraging column descriptions, when available

  • GEOS-10758 OGCAPI – Features – Add storageCrs property for Collections

You can find the fill list of changes in the 2.21.3 release notes. You can find the full release blog post on the GeoServer community website here.


The GeoSolutions Team,