Partnership Program

GeoSolutions is aware of the need that exists worldwide for professional services to support the implementation, deployment and maintenance of platforms based on open source geospatial products; therefore, we have decided to create a global network of partners of excellence who would leverage our technical capability and expertise in order to fill this gap and bring their skills and offering to the next level.

Our goal is to create a global network of certified partners which will be able to support the growth and deeper penetration of open source geospatial products like GeoServer, GeoNode and MapStore, by sharing knowledge, receiving direct technical and commercial help as well as anything that can help them with positively addressing the increased demand for professional support services and solutions, because together we are stronger!

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Current Partners

Leader for 20 years in the field of geomatics, arx iT is an IT services company specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geospatial solutions.
Thanks to our historical expertise on proprietary GIS products, arx iT is particularly specialized in consulting, expertise and implementation of hybrid GIS architecture (mix of proprietary and open source solutions). Our range of service covers all the geoinformatics needs: GIS consulting and expertise, Spatial data engineering, Integration of customized solutions, Training, GIS Outsourcing and Third Party Application Maintenance. Our services are part of a real quality approach, thanks to our ISO 9001 quality certification.


GeoDataLab is based in Rome and Bologna and mainly focuses on geospatial solutions in several application fields, such as Earth Observation, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles traffic management systems, urban planning, and Satellite Remote Sensing. We work with and for high-profile companies providing highly customized GIS software for Data Interchange Services and geo-business intelligence. Among our clients, there are also public institutions and administrations, organizations, and private companies. The solutions we provide range from WebGIS systems, Web & Mobile apps to more complex integrations and data analysis for spatial planning.

The partnership with GeoSolutions supports GeoDataLab business of providing scalable and robust web solutions based on GeoServer.

GEOFIT has today the most efficient and innovative means to build geospatial databases, whether to describe an infrastructure, a building, an energy network, a city, a territory or a country.Our ambition is to provide the added value to these geospatial databases that we build, so that you can decide, plan, build, grow, etc. This is why we offer you services to use these geospatial databases through implementation studies, the development of business applications and through the creation of geographic information systems. DATA IS NOWADAYS AT THE HEART OF ALL BUSINESSES AND ALL DECISIONS.

GEOFIT bases its offer of professional geoportals on MapStore and PostgreSQL / PostGIS open source software. GEOFIT deploys its solutions both in France and internationally.

HyG Consultores S.A.A is a Colombian company specialized in consultancy services for the development and integration of geographic information systems. HyG helps on implementation of international standards, including  Geospatial  standards  published by OGC  and ISO TC 211, as well as  standards related to systems and software engineer process based on ISO 29110. HyG has had the opportunity to support more than 50 companies to improve their geographic information systems and process.

The partnership with GeoSolutions supports HyG business of providing scalable and robust web solutions based on GeoServer.

RSI Softech India PVT LTD is an Indian company the first Indian Geomatics Company setup in the year 1985 as an opto-mechanical remote sensing instruments manufacturing company. RSI SOFTECH India Pvt Ltd started by the same promoters of RSI in the year 2000 to promote Digital Technology, Data Services, Geo Cloud Deployment, Web App, Enterprise Portals Development, ERP Integration solutions and related services in India. RSI SOFTECH also provides state-of-the-art security solutions to defense and home land security forces across the globe.

The partnership with GeoSolutions supports RSI business of providing scalable and robust web solutions based on GeoServer and GeoNode technologies.

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