MapStore is an Open Source highly modular webgis framework developed by GeoSolutions to create, manage and share securely in a simple and intuitive way maps created by mixing geospati contents served from servers like Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing or from server adehering to OGC standards like WFS, CSWWMS and WMTS.

The current version has been developed by  using modern javascript technologies like React and Redux as an evolution of the old version following the investigation and prototyping summarised in this blog post.

MapStore aims to be both a product as well as webgis framework. It is a product in the sense that it can be used with no coding to cover the use case of a standard geoportal, however it is also a framework in the sense that it can be used as starting point to build sophisticated geospatial applications.

Browsing to the Accounts Manager.

MapStore Homepage.

Extensive work has been performed on creating a responsive and modern Look&Feel as explained this post as well as in this one.

MapStore does not depend explicitly on any mapping engine but it can work with OpenLayers, Leaflet and Cesium ensuring the greatest flexibility when one wants to use it as a framework.

Cesium 3D viewer

Integration of the Cesium 3D viewer

MapStore has been designed from the beginning to provide users with a coherent and comprehensive experience across different devices, hence it automatically adapts to different screen size as shown below.

MapStore 2 Mobile, the featureinfo at work

MapStore Mobile, the featureinfo at work

For an in-depth look at MapStore you can play with the online demo at this link (you can use the account demo with password 123456 to create new maps and dashboards).

You can find more information at the links provided here below as well as in our portfolio or in our blog. It is eventually worth to point out that we provide development and support services for MapStore under our Enterprise Support Services offer.