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GeoSolutions provides professional training on GeoServer, MapStore, GeoNetwork and GeoNode worldwide. 

Our trainers are renowned professionals in the open source geospatial community with in-depth technical knowledge about the various open source products GeoSolutions supports, since they are part of the core development team behind them.

Currently trainings are provided virtually using our web conferencing platform, allowing rich interaction between trainers and students. GeoSolutions also provides videos and all the materials to the students. Trainings on site will again be possible in the near future.

GeoSolutions regularly provides free webinars (1-2 per month) which are advertised in our blog on available on our youtube account. Our training material is made available on our website. For example, check our GeoServer online training.

Example Free Webinar

What's new in GeoServer 2.17?

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If you want to learn more about

  • Publishing geospatial data using GeoServer
  • Scaling GeoServer in the cloud efficiently
  • Tuning for GeoNode or GeoServer in cloud environments 
  • Enabling enterprise security
  • Developing rich web portals using MapStore
  • Installing and configuring GeoNode
  • Details below...

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