NATO Catharsis exercise support

We have been doing on-site support this week for an NATO excercise which is being held in Marciana Marina, on the Elba Island in Italy. The exercise focuses on testing and trials with AUVs to map the sea bed looking for interesting features, like this one!

GeoSolutions has been involved to provide GIS support via its product SAS Mission Manager (temporary name, sas stands for Synthetic Aperture Sonar) in order to preprocess, ingest, manage and visualize the data acquired by the sonar sensors mounted on the AUVs. Here below you can see a screenshot of the architecture which comprises of:
  1. GeoBatch for mission data ingestion and preprocessing (which includes mosaic balancing)
  2. Cluster of 2 GeoServer with Hibernate catalog (experimental second level cache activated)
  3. geoSDI-ERA customization for the user interface
Here below, some screenshot of Ing. Daniele Romagnoli on-site during the exercise providing support to the operational activities.