Developer’s Corner: ImageIO-Ext 1.1.10 Release

Hi all, We would like to introduce the ImageIO-Ext 1.1.10 release. This release provides a much needed fix for Issue #75. This issue was raised from a bug found on the PNG pure Java Encoder due to a wrong handling of the 8-bit images with alpha channel. Artifacts for Imageio-Ext have been deployed as usual on the  OSGEO maven repository. You can check this page for additional information on the release. The GeoSolutions team,


Developer’s Corner: GeoServer-Manager 1.6.0 released

Dear All, this short blog post is for sharing with you that we just released GeoServer-Manager version 1.6.0. Here's a list of most important changes: #62 Add support for MetadataLinkInfo encoders #67 Add support for VirtualTable encoders #75 Add support for StructuredGridCoverageReader REST support #78 Add support for JP2K  encoders #84 Add support for multiple styles in GSLayerEncoder #87 Add support for Mosaic Creation by Zip Upload #90 Improve support for ImageMosaics #94 Enable styles in workspace #95 Add keywords decoder #100 #122 RESTLayer: provide workspace info in default style #102 AuthorityURL/Identifier/advertised decoders add other method #105 Add support for getVersion to recognize the target geoserver version #120 Alter coverage Bands Details of layers and WCS EO...


Developer’s Corner: Supporting Wind Barbs In GeoServer and GeoTools

Dear All, in this post we would like to talk about the work we are doing to improve support in GeoServer for serving Meteorological and Oceanographic data, specifically the ability to render raster data for wind models using Wind Barbs. When ingesting and serving MetOc models (raster data) for Wind data you are now already able to render  them using an arrow symbology by concatenating: the gs:rasterAsFeatureCollection Rendering Transformation to transform the raster dataset into a series of vector points where the bands of the input raster data are the attributes a vector style to create arrows for each point with...


Released the support for NGMP (NATO Geospatial Metadata Profile) in GeoNetwork

Dear all, we have committed in the GeoNetwork official repository a schema plugin that deals with NGMP the Nato GeoSpatial Military Profile which is available here. As you may know, GeoNetwork has introduced in v2.8 a mechanism for supporting pluggable schemas, that is: A schema in GeoNetwork is a directory with stylesheets, XML schema descriptions (XSDs) and other information necessary for GeoNetwork to index, view and possibly edit content from XML metadata records.  The XML records we are dealing with are metadata following the NGMP standard, an ISO19139 application profile developed by DGIWG and NATO in order to extend the information about...


More details on GeoSolutions attending GEO Business Show 2014 in London

Dear All, this year GeoSolutions will be attending the GEO Business Show 2014  a leading geospatial event hold in London, UK on the 28th and 29th of May. In this previous post you can find more information about the GeoServer and MapStore workshops we will give as well as the full program, while you can get the full show brochure at this link. If you are interested in learning about how we can help you achieving your goals with our Open Source products and professional services, do not hesitate to visit us at stand G9! See you in London! The GeoSolutions team,