Developer’s Corner: GeoServer-Manager 1.6.0 released


Dear All,
this short blog post is for sharing with you that we just released GeoServer-Manager version 1.6.0.

Here’s a list of most important changes:

  • #62 Add support for MetadataLinkInfo encoders
  • #67 Add support for VirtualTable encoders
  • #75 Add support for StructuredGridCoverageReader REST support
  • #78 Add support for JP2K  encoders
  • #84 Add support for multiple styles in GSLayerEncoder
  • #87 Add support for Mosaic Creation by Zip Upload
  • #90 Improve support for ImageMosaics
  • #94 Enable styles in workspace
  • #95 Add keywords decoder
  • #100 #122 RESTLayer: provide workspace info in default style
  • #102 AuthorityURL/Identifier/advertised decoders add other method
  • #105 Add support for getVersion to recognize the target geoserver version
  • #120 Alter coverage Bands Details of layers and WCS EO

Special thanks to the contributors.
This version of GeoServer-Manager is compatible with GeoServer 2.5 and GeoServer 2.4.
If you have questions or if you just want to talk to us about the using the library in your project, please, subscribe to the mailing list here. In any case, do not hesitate to contact us.

the GeoSolutions Team.