BigTiff support in GeoTools/GeoServer (Alpha testers needed)

Dear all, at GeoSolutions we have recently worked on support for the BigTiff format, which basically consists of an extension of the Tiff format to support raster larger than 4 Gigs. Work is based on an ImageIO plugin for the ImageIO-Ext project, but this will be incorporated into GeoTools and GeoServer.

Long story short, we are looking for alpha testers, since the impact of the change is rather large for the tiff reader/writer, therefore we would like to have as much feedback/testing as possible prior to port this work to GeoTools/GeoServer. If you are interested in helping us with testing with GeoServer/GeoTools all you need to do is as follows:

  • Download the imageio-ext improved tiff plugin jar from here
  • Replace the old instance of the imageio-ext tiff jar with the one you downloaded
  • Test and report back to us

Notice that in case you want to do this with GeoServer, you need to go to WEB-INF/lib to do this replacement.