Developer’s Corner: ImageIO-Ext 1.1.9 Release

Hi all,
We would present you the new ImageIO-Ext 1.1.9 release.

Apart from a few bugs fixes (e.g. Issue #54 related to reading Exif Tags), the new feature of this release is an high-performance PNG plugin.
This new PNG plugin contains a new PNG writer which internally uses a new encoder, based on PNGJ, a open source, java based,  low level PNG encoder with better performances than that of the ImageIO package. More informations on PNGJ can be found here.
Note that this plugin provides only a PNG writer object, reading is not supported at the moment. Further informations about how to use this writer can be found here.

Artifacts for Imageio-Ext have been deployed on the GeoSolutions maven repository, as well as on the OSGEO one.
You can check this page for additional information on the release.

The GeoSolutions team,