GeoServer OSM styles, full data directory available


Our GeoServer technical lead, Andrea Aime, presented, during FOSS4G 2019, Bucharest, Standing up an OpenStreeMap clone with GeoServer.

The presentation, also available as a video, introduces the audience to the machinery supporting the OSM like map available in the GeoServer home page. That’s a large body of work, which improved GeoServer CSS styling, added new rendering engine features, as well as improved map rendering performance for complex maps.

You can also have a look at it in our MapStore client embedded here below.

Some static  example outputs are reported below.

osm1 osm2 osm3 osm4

Back at the time, we released the set of CSS styles backing the map, but setting up of the data sources was left as a “reader’s exercise”.

Today, thanks to the sponsoring provided by Open Geo Groep and Envinet, we release a full data directory, including both the low resolution datasets, the GeoServer setup, and instructions on how to load the high resolution OSM data using imposm, so that you can get quickly up and running!

The data directory is available in the same repository that previously contained only the CSS styles, that is:

Be the first to try it out locally, and let us know how that goes. The repository is open, the data directory is under a MIT license, so anyone can contribute improvements to it, pull requests are welcomed!

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