GeoServer workshop available for free!

Dear All,
a quick post to just let you know that GeoSolutions is sharing an introductory workshop on GeoServer 2.0.

The material comprises of:

  1. a light Ubuntu-based ISO
  2. a preconfigured GeoServer data directory containing data kindly donated by the Municipality of Prato in Italy
  3. the workshop itself, as a set of html files
The ISO file can be run either using Virtual Box or the VMWare Player. As an alternative you can burn it on a CD and you can use it as a Live Ubuntu or install it on your system.

Once you get it up and running, the installation contains:
  1. An instance of the GeoServer 2.0.x stable nightly with a subset of the Prato’s layers with proper styling.
  2. PostgreSQL with Postgis
  3. UDIG
  4. QGis
The topics covered in this workshop are as follows:

  • Installing and running GeoServer: describes how to install and run GeoServer
  • Adding Data to GeoServer: explains how to manage the GeoServer Data Directory as well as how to add the base data types into GeoServer, like ShapeFile, GeoTIFF as well as PostGIS data
  • Pretty maps with GeoServer: describes how to manage the GeoServer maps visualizzation. All aspects related to styles, layer groups and other interesting GeoServer features affecting the WMS protocol will be introduced
  • Google Earth and Maps support: introduces GeoServer support for KML and Google Earth. The reader will learn how to view GeoServer data in Google Earth, and will be exposed to some of the more advanced features of KML output.

You can download the workshop from here:

In case you find errors or issues, or in case you want to know more about our services with regards to training, please contact us!

The GeoSolutions team,