Developer’s Corner: OAuth2 for GeoServer

OAUTH2 GeoServer

Dear Readers,

in this post we would like to describe work that we have done recently on GeoServer to allows user to authenticate with their existing credentials from Google or Github through the OAuth 2.0 protocol. 

With this work it is now possible to authenticate as user in GeoServer against providers supporting the OAuth 2.0 protocol (like Google, GitHub, Facebook and more). It allows GeoServer to support multiple OAuth2 Providers at the same time hence it allows the users to choose the preferred login method with just one simple click. Currently we have developed support for both Google and GitHub credentials but more could be added, like Facebook, as an instance.

This work is captured in a Community Extension for GeoServer:

  • documentation for the extension can be found here
  • the actual extensions for GitHub, Google (and GeoNode, more on this in a following post!) can be found here.

Notice that the links above are for GeoServer Master, however the extension is available since GeoServer 2.9.2 and 2.10. It is currently Community Extension so we are looking for users to test it out and let us know if there is anything to improve in order to then propose it as a standard extension.

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The GeoSolutions team,