GeoNode support to the World Bank GFDRR Group

Dear Readers,

we are writing this post to inform you that GeoSolutions is proudly supporting the GFDRR Group at the World Bank with support and development services for the GeoNode Open Source platform.

GeoNode is an Open Source platform that provide the key functionalities needed to create an interoperable Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) based on OGC standards. It allows users to upload their data, style them, create metadata to describe them and eventually create and publish maps fusing different datasets. You can have a peak at the live demo here.

Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) Innovation Lab supports the use of science, technology, and open data in promoting new ideas and the development of original tools to empower decision-makers in vulnerable countries to strengthen their resilience. In 2011, (GFDRR) launched the Open Data for Resilience Initiative (OpenDRI) to apply the concepts of the global open data movement to the challenges of reducing vulnerability to natural hazards and the impacts of climate change.

GeoSolutions is supporting GFDRR Innovation Lab since late 2015 to meet its goals through:

  • Core Development and support on GeoNode
  • Deployments of GeoNode
  • Provisioning of GeoNode trainings to developing countries

GeoSolutions has been working in order to improve the communication between GeoNode and GeoServer (yes, GeoNode heavily relies on GeoServer) and is right now working on improving the metadata editor to simplify metadata creation and management (because everybody loves metadata, right?). More improvements are in the pipeline, you will read more on this blog soon.

If you are interested in learning about how we can help you achieving your goals with our open source products GeoServerMapstore, GeoNode and GeoNetwork through our Enterprise Support Services and GeoServer Deployment Warranty offerings, feel free to contact us!

The GeoSolutions team,