GeoSolutions Partnership

GeoSolutions Open to Partnership Worldwide

The last year was very excited, since GeoSolutions was able to promote open source solutions,, not only in North America, but in Central and South America. I found that there is a growing interest, from technology integrators, in not only using open source, but also in providing solutions based on Open Source. In particular GeoServer is the technology most solutions providers are interested in, because it has proven to be a very robust server to publish geospatial data. I'm happy to report that our first official GeoSolutions partner was from Medellin, Colombia, the country were I was born. The company is HyG...

State of GeoServer 2021 Q1

Webinar: State of GeoServer Q1 2021, 2.18 and beyond

Dear Reader, GeoServer keeps advancing with a great support from the community and the trust that organizations are putting in one of the most  popular open source tools to publish geospatial data. We, at GeoSolutions, are very fortunate to have in our team key code contributors, as well as, customers that support the advancement of GeoServer for the greater benefit of the geospatial community. Version 2.18 was released some months ago (see official blog) and the new release, 2.19 is, coming in the next month. This blog highlights the new functionalities and provides the information for our next webinar on February 3rd where you can learn more about...

From Esri Geodatabases to PostGIS and GeoServer

Upcoming Free Webinar: From Esri Geodatabase to PostGIS and GeoServer, tips and tricks

Dear Reader, We are excited to invite you to a new GeoSolutions free webinar "From Esri Geodatabase to PostGIS and GeoServer, tips and tricks" to be held on December 3rd at 11:00 AM ET. The Webinar will cover tips and tricks to export Esri Geodatabases to PostGIS and serving them via GeoServer. The Esri Geodatabase is the native structure of how Esri's products are store and share among and Esri's based infrastructure. Making a Geodatabase available to GeoServer so it can be access through WFS, without loosing any data, can be a little bit tricky. There are sophisticate tools that can help move the data from Esri sources to PostGIS. For...

GeoServer SaaS Basic Authentication

Serving your data with GeoServer in the cloud – Enabling secure access from ArcMap, QGIS and other clients

My last blog titled "Adding Secured WMS and WFS Services from GeoServer to ArcGIS Online" generated good comments and suggestions. One suggestion was to provide the same guidance but when accessing GeoServer layers through ArcMap or other clients (e.g QGIS and web browsers). Another comment was to provide more details about how to setup GeoServer, in the context of Software as a Service (SaaS), to provide subscriptions to geospatial data using GeoServer.  This blog provides these additional information with more details about setting up GeoServer to enable an organization to provide access to its data in the cloud, following a simple scenario, using basic authentication. At the end of the blog,...

GeoServer Connecting to ArcGIS Online

Adding Secured WMS and WFS Services from GeoServer to ArcGIS Online

Open Standards have enabled interoperability of systems. Nowadays we can see  proprietary solutions communicating successfully with open source software. A typical example is an organization publishing data via GeoServer and users using ArcGIS Online to create maps using data from GeoServer.  Some GeoSolutions customers use this hybrid approach of publishing secured data in GeoServer and enabling customers to use their Esri tools. Terradex is one example. GeoSolutions has enabled Terradex to published secure layers via GeoServer for contaminated land, conservation land and pipeline easements to increase the reliability of cleanup remedies reliant on institutional or engineering controls. Our customers use Esri’s ArcGIS...