GeoServer Bug Stump Code Sprint July 2-3 2020


Dear Reader,

GeoSolutions, along with the GeoServer community, is participating in a two days long “GeoServer Bug Fix Code Sprint”, on July the 2nd and the 3rd.

The sprint also happens to overlap with the Bolsena Online Code Sprint 2020, so we’ll end up sharing some of the infrastructure and enjoying the good company of other sprinters!

This sprint revives and seeks to improve the old monthly bug fix code sprint, that we used to do before. From those sprints, we learned that bugs that can be assigned to less experienced developers, because they seem like a one day fix, are hard to find. That was often coupled with lower participation of experienced developers, who need to review the pull requests for the fixes, and sit on the side (now virtually) of other developers to provide guidance.

So this time the sprint is two days long. We hope to get more tickets looked at, while allowing participant developers to tackle harder to fix problems.

Please join us on the GeoServer gitter channel, and don’t forget to go say hi to the other Bolsena sprinters on the OSGeo/Sprint channel!