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Developer’s Corner: Achieving Extreme GeoServer Scalability with the new Marlin vector rasterizer

As you probably know, GeoServer is a Java based software, so its performance is heavily dependent on what the Java Virtual Machine and the Java standard library can offer. Over the years the GeoServer developers have been pushing the boundaries of what can be done by replacing portions of the Java standard libraries by adopting faster replacements, for example, the turbo jpeg encoder, the native PNG encoder available in ImageIO native extensions, or the recent adoption of the pure java, high performance PNGJ library. One of the Achilles' heel that so far we failed to replace is the anti-aliased rasterizer contained in the...


Developer’s Corner: Bridging CSS and SLD unit of measure treatment in GeoServer

Hi,in this blog we are introducing some work with did to bridge the unit of measure treatment in SLD and CSS. The beginning of the blog is a bit technical, so if you want to just get the news, skip towards the map screenshots.Unit of measure treatment in CSS is rather straightforward, every size is in pixel, unless otherwise specified by appending a unit of measure to it. In GeoServer geospatial CSS design there are three unit of measure, meter (m), feet (ft) and pixels (px), for example, say we want to have a circular mark, whose size is 2...


We are hiring!

GeoSolutions is looking for talented people to fill a couple of positions which would mainly involve designing, implementing testing geospatial applications as well as providing support for the Open Source projects we are involved in.Here below some additional details:GeoSpatial Mobile Developer Android/iOSThis position would mainly involve designing and implementing native mobile geospatial applications.Qualifications are as follows:Working knowledge of Android DevelopmentWorking knowledge of iOS DevelopmentWorking knowledge of OpenGL is a plusWorking knowledge of Spatialite is a plusWorking knowledge of Geospatial libraries like GDAL, OGR, PROJ4, GEOS is a plusKnowledge of web development with Python is a plusKnowledge of Java (JEE and JSE)...


GeoServer Enterprise 2.2.6 Released

Dear All,we would like to announce the first release of the GeoServer Enterprise.GeoServer Enterprise has been developed by GeoSolutions leveraging on the community version of GeoServer 2.2 itself. It contains natively a selected subset of the standard extensions plus some additional ones developed by GeoSolutions. It is released as Open Source under the GPL v 2.0 license and it is available for free.The goal is to provide Long Term Support for the GeoServer versions we are going to promote as Enterprise in order to ensure superior stability and maturity for those users not willing to follow closely the Release Early, Release Often mantra but...


GeoSolutions @ LuBeC 2013. CULTURA: password for future

Il 17 e 18 ottobre prossimi, GeoSolutions esporrà aLuBeC 2013. CULTURA: password for futureche si terrà come ogni anno a Lucca, in Toscana.L'evento è dedicato a progetti e soluzioni per la valorizzazione di beni culturali, tecnologia e turismo. Enti pubblici e privati si confronteranno sui alcuni dei principali temi oggi fondamentali per lo sviluppo del nostro paese. Da molto tempo Lu.B.eC rappresenta uno degli eventi nazionali di maggior rilievo per il settore dei beni culturali e della filiera ad esso collegato.In questo contesto GeoSolutions sarà presente con uno stand dove presenterà i progetti fino ad oggi realizzati e come le tecnologie Open...