GeoSolutions Enterprise Services 2014: Here comes the GeoServer Supporter Package

The GeoSolutions  Enterprises Support Services offer the possibility for creating an Enterprise SDI based on the best Open Source frameworks as GeoServer, GeoNetwork and MapStore. Our support services are available in different sizes because we care about who has small needs  as well as about who has to manage complex infrastructures and needs highly specialized support. Thanks to GeoSolutions it is easy to meet the Open Source world, forget about licenses and decide the budget for the features you are looking for with the support from the developers of the software you are using! We are also proud to announce a new package called GeoServer Supporter Plan which is very suitable for organizations looking...


Developer’s Corner: DXF output format promoted to official extension for GeoServer

Dear all,as you may already know, GeoServer supports a wide variety of formats as an output of the WFS OGC service, to represent vector feature data. Such formats include the OGC standard GML XML based format (in its various versions), but also more "user friendly" ones such as the shapefile format, GeoJSON, CSV and so on.Some formats that are not supported by default, but that are used by some people working in the GIS field, are CAD formats. Among them, the most used in absolute (thinking of open formats) is DXF, the standard AutoCad file interchange format.Many GIS tools, for...


Developer’s Corner: Dynamic ColorMaps support for ImageMosaic

Dear all,recently at GeoSolutions we worked on developing the ability to set up RenderingTransformations for raster data which leverage the statistics contained within persistent auxiliary metadata files (PAM) generated by GDAL in order to render coverages by using well known or custm colormaps adapting them to the statistics of the underlying raster.  In the short term these enhancements will be available only for the ImageMosaic plugin, but we plan to port them quickly to other raster plugins.In this post we would like to share some insights on the improvements we made, in order to be useful to users which may want to...


Meet us at the FOSS4G 2013

Dear All,GeoSolutions is proud to announce its participation as silver sponsor to the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) 2013 conference, being held September 17th - 21st, 2013, at the East Midlands conference center in Nottingham, UK.Here below you can find the detailed schedule of our workshops and presentations during the conference.WorkshopsWednesday, the 18th, 2013OGC services with GeoServer: from journeyman to master: Trent B16 -  9:30 a.m. to  6 p.m.This workshop will provide a introduction to OGC services implementation with GeoServer and GeoWebCache, covering the basics and moving forward to more advanced topics.Thursday, the 19th, 2013SpatioTemporal data handling with GeoServer: Sir Clive Granger Building: B29 A - 2...


Developer’s Corner: ImageI/O-Ext 1.1.5 Release

Dear all,We would like to take the occasion to introduce the ImageI/O-Ext 1.1.5 releaseVarious improvements have been implemented:Highly improved BigTiff reader (less memory used, higher scalability)Minor Improvements on Kakadu based JP2K writer and readerArtifacts for Imageio-Ext have been deployed on the GeoSolutions maven repository, as well as on the OSGEO one.The GeoSolutions team,