Developer’s Corner: Achieving Extreme GeoServer Scalability with the new Marlin vector rasterizer

As you probably know, GeoServer is a Java based software, so its performance is heavily dependent on what the Java Virtual Machine and the Java standard library can offer. Over the years the GeoServer developers have been pushing the boundaries of what can be done by replacing portions of the Java standard libraries by adopting faster replacements, for example, the turbo jpeg encoder, the native PNG encoder available in ImageIO native extensions, or the recent adoption of the pure java, high performance PNGJ library. One of the Achilles' heel that so far we failed to replace is the anti-aliased rasterizer contained in the...


Developer’s Corner: Fast, Pure Java, Open Source PNG Encoder for GeoServer

Dear All,lately Andrea Aime from GeoSolutions has been working hard in order to create a pure Java PNG encoder that was good enough to replace the native one we have been using so far. You might wonder why we were doing this, well a few reasons:the standard PNG encoder shipped with the Oracle JDK is very poor in terms or encoding speed which has a bad impact on WMS performance overallThere is no native PNG encoder for Windows 64 bits platformsUsing the native PNG encoder requires an extra installation step as the user needs to install the native librariesWell, I guess...


Developer’s Corner: GeoServer Stunning image quality + max compression rate = New PNG8 quantizer is served!

Hi everybody,in this blog we want to introduce the new GeoServer PNG8 quantizer.PNG8 is a shorthand for PNG 8bit, that is, a PNG image that uses a fixed palette of 256 (or less) colors and can thus encode each pixel with just one byte.The interest in the format comes from its smaller size, often between 2 and 3 times smaller than the equivalent 24bit PNG image. Smaller size means:proportional size cut in tile cache storage, which normally means cutting away several GB if not TB (depending on the amount of seending and the size of the cached geographic area)shorter transfer...