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GeoSolutions Enterprise Services 2014: Here comes the GeoServer Supporter Package

The GeoSolutions  Enterprises Support Services offer the possibility for creating an Enterprise SDI based on the best Open Source frameworks as GeoServer, GeoNetwork and MapStore. Our support services are available in different sizes because we care about who has small needs  as well as about who has to manage complex infrastructures and needs highly specialized support. Thanks to GeoSolutions it is easy to meet the Open Source world, forget about licenses and decide the budget for the features you are looking for with the support from the developers of the software you are using! We are also proud to announce a new package called GeoServer Supporter Plan which is very suitable for organizations looking...


GeoSolutions Enterprise Services: Open Source meets Enterprise

Are you looking for high-end professional support to help you with the creation of a SDI based on Open Source frameworks?Are you thinking about an infrastructure to support the OpenData and are you wondering if a proprietary software is the best choice?Are you tired of spending all your budget for licenses without creating the infrastructure you need?Would you like to integrate a proprietary SDI with an Open Source software?GeoSolutions can help you! The GeoSolutions  Enterprises Plans offer the possibility for creating an Enterprise SDI based on the best Open Source frameworks as GeoServer, GeoNetwork and MapStore.Thanks to GeoSolutions it is easy to...


A new year with GeoSolutions Enterprise Services

GeoSolutions is proud to offer four levels of enterprise support services centered on the GeoServer platform to help organizations building enterprise-class Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), integrating and tuning best-of-breed Open Source geospatial frameworks into what we call the OpenSDI suite.Thanks to its extensive experience in building and supporting enterprise class geospatial infrastructures, GeoSolutions will provide your organization with an outstanding level of support through the full project lifecycle for a successful and stress-free deployment.If your organization was refraining from adopting Open Source software in the enterprise due to lack of professional support, we are here to help. Therefore it is...