GeoSolutions Presentations at FOSS4G 2014

Dear Readers,

a couple of weeks have passed since the end of this year’s wonderful FOSS4G hence it is time to publish the material we have presented in case someone wanted to go back and review it.

Here below you can find the presentations that GeoSolutions team members Andrea Aime and Mauro Bartolomeoli gave during the presentations sessions.

Raster data in GeoServer and GeoTools: Achievements, issues and future developments

[slideshare id=39467273&doc=nucjf3mlr6a8eizfeoa2-signature-d121a51515a17d2d4d58257138d9e20a921b294dbe73d15489412674ae34f064-poli-140924052952-phpapp01]

Here is the video:

Advanced Cartographic Map Rendering in GeoServer

[slideshare id=39467167&doc=xbmpfygutmaao3xup8lq-signature-056e9bbbdf181a7e7a1b20b1416a8b18bf5c4439a23ff9f150f9b2daaea654e2-poli-140924052659-phpapp01]

Advanced Security in GeoServer

[slideshare id=39467272&doc=4uszgamzsde3mrq6qlgr-signature-d121a51515a17d2d4d58257138d9e20a921b294dbe73d15489412674ae34f064-poli-140924052952-phpapp01]

Here is the video:


The GeoSolutions team,