MapStore Release 2021.02.02

MapStore 2021.02.02

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to announce the new release 2021.02.02 of MapStore, our flagship Open Source WebGIS product. The full list of changes for this release can be found here. This blog highlights the most interesting ones. The purpose of this new version of MapStore is to further harden the 2021.02 series with some small bug fixes, enhancements and some new features. As we have said many times, our main goal is to continuously improve and harden the product to make it even more attractive and powerful with each release, while also staying tuned to catch what the MapStore community reports!

In Github it is possible to consult the full list of bug fixes and enhancements we have provided with this release. Below are listed the most important updates we delivered.

Street View

In the last minor release 2021.02.01 we introduced a new plugin to browse Google Street View contents in MapStore: the image below shows a use case of the plugin in development mode (eg. without the google api key available).

Street View Plugin

With 2021.02.02 we have provided some enhancements and small bug fixes, like:

  • The possibility to configure panorama options
  • Fixes some race conditions when loading the plugin in some cases
  • Improved the configuration tier of the api-key

Application Contexts in Home page

It is now possible to browse Application Contexts in Home page. This option is not yet active by default: we are expecting to do it for the next major release (2022.01.00) with a review of the related admin section. Below a taste.

Contexts in Home

Browsing Application Contexts in MapStore Home page


Domain Sharding

As you probably already know (or maybe not :)), it is possible in MapStore to define multiple URLs with different domain name aliases in a WMS catalog source. This is really useful to improve performances to overcome common browsers restrictions in the number of HTTP requests that can be performed in parallel for each domain; you can find also other useful suggestions about performances in our MapStore training online documentation.

With this minor release we have enhanced the Catalog tool Advanced Settings UI (for WMS source types) to better configure also this important aspect.

Domain Sharding

Domain Sharding for WMS catalog sources

Visibility Limits

It is now possible to configure the scale limits globally in Catalog tool. This function was previously available only in Layer Settings, where it is possible to manually fetch from the WMS Capabilities the scale limits configured for the layer in its style.

Visibility Limits

Visibility Limits option in Catalog Tool

With the new option we have included in Advanced Settings, it is now possible to automate this process for each layer added in the map from the related Catalog source.

Ongoing and future work

For the next releases we are working on the following functionalities (in sparse order):

  • New charts types, like multilvariable and stacked bar charts along with chart theming capabilities that will be available in the next major release v2022.01.00
  • Improvements to the MapStore SDK to simplify the life of developers creating downstream projects like the GeoNode integration.
  • General improvements for MapStore downstream projects to simplify and enhance the management and maintenance of MapStore based project
  • MapStore integration in GeoNode: more improvements and new features to integrate Dashboards and more
  • 3D tiles support, Cesium library update and support to manage 3D tiles layers and styling
  • Performances and more, enhancements are expected in 2022 to further improve the loading time of MapStore pages and themes and also other new features will be available. Stay tuned!

If you want to play with the current release, you can access the live demo here and login with username demo and password 123demoUser.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you develop a WebGIS using MapStore or help you achieve your needs with MapStore, GeoServerGeoNode and GeoNetwork through our Enterprise Support Services, Professional Training Services and Subscription Services  please contact us!

The GeoSolutions team,