Partnership with Ecoplan (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Hi everyone,

A new partner has just joined our network: Ecoplan

Ecoplan is a company based in Bosnia & Herzegovina, specialized in spatial and urban planning. Established in 1994, over the past 29 years, Ecoplan has grown to become a one of the spatial consultancy market leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina, providing expertise in a wide range of spatial planning projects. With a remarkable portfolio encompassing over 700 projects, they excel in the domains of spatial plans, urban plans, environmental assessments, vulnerability studies, feasibility studies, transportation studies, traffic safety studies, and more.

This partnership enables Ecoplan to strengthen its offer for services based on geospatial open source software, such as GeoNode, MapStore and GeoServer, leveraging GeoSolutions’ extensive expertise in GIS technology, data analysis, and spatial modeling in order to improve Ecoplan’s capabilities to provide clients with cutting-edge spatial analysis and visualization tools.

At the same time, GeoSolutions will gain a strategic partner with a strong footprint in the Balkans Region, fully committed to supporting the widest possible adoption of solutions based on GIS technologies.


About Ecoplan

With a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in shaping sustainable and vibrant environments, Ecoplan is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that balance development needs with environmental preservation. The company’s multidisciplinary team comprises highly skilled professionals, including urban planners, architects, environmental experts, economists, geographers, transportation experts and GIS specialists, who collaborate closely to ensure comprehensive and integrated planning approaches.

Why become a GeoSolutions partner?

At GeoSolutions, we are well aware of the need for professional services to support the implementation, deployment and maintenance of platforms based on open source geospatial products; therefore, we have decided to create a global network of certified partners of excellence who would leverage its technical capability and expertise in order to fill this gap and bring their skills and offering to the next level. The goal is to support the growth and deeper penetration of open source geospatial products like GeoServer, GeoNode and MapStore, by sharing knowledge, receiving direct technical and commercial help as well as anything that can help them with positively addressing the increased demand for professional support services and solutions.

The partner benefits page contains more information on the partnership benefits, however, let us highlight again a few of them:

  • Technical and commercial support: Partners will be allowed to use the resumes of our technical team to participate in tenders by offering the direct technical support of GeoSolutions. Our sales engineers will work, as needed, to support the partner’s team during acquisition of new clients.
  • Use of GeoSolutions logo: Partners will be allowed to use our logo and partnership member logo on all media, with our selective prior authorization.
  • Discount to GeoSolutions’ offerings: GeoSolutions’ offerings (enterprise services, subscription services, custom tailored solutions, and training) will be provided at a discounted rate to the partners whether they are the final users or whether they act as a reseller (with the latter meaning that we will be effectively recognizing an equivalent sales commission to the Partner).
  • Support hours: GeoSolutions will provide a small package of initial support to the partner as part of the partnership agreement to help with the bootstrapping phase.

There are other benefits such as training, early access to new developments, webinar updates for new releases, sharing of promotional material and more. For more information visit our partners page as well as our partnership program : together we are stronger!

The GeoSolutions team,