GeoSolutions Presenting at UN Maps Conference 2024

Dear Reader,

GeoSolutions will be attending the UN Maps Conference on May 20-24 at UNICTF in sunny Valencia.

UN Maps is a global initiative aiming to “Map the World by Supporting peace and Serving humanity” through the provision of a set of geospatial services and solutions that are essential to perform peacekeeping and humanitarian operational activities. UN Maps has become the foundational system for several geo-enabled United Nations solutions and a reliable source of information to enhance the decision-making process based on up-to-date and accurate location data. The conference is an opportunity to discuss sharing mechanisms for geospatial data and technology among UN colleagues and external partners such as academia open-source software companies. We encourage you to play an active role and contribution with a technical session during the side events (first and last day) or with a business use case during the main sessions (Tuesday through Thursday).

GeoSolutions’ team will providing 3 workshops on Monday the 20th as follows:

  • Introduction to GeoServer (09:00 – 10:30), with Andrea Aime.
  • Advanced GeoServer (11:00 – 12:30), with Andrea Aime.
  • Introduction to GeoNode (13:30 – 15:00), with Eddy Cattaneo.

Moreover, GeoSolutions director Simone Giannecchini to a panel discussion on “Geospatial technology empowering UN Maps” on Wednesday, May the 22nd (15:30 – 16:30).

As always, call on GeoSolutions, the core code developers and experts on:

  • GeoServer, the leading open source server to publish geospatial data at scale.
  • MapStore, our modular open source WebGIS product to create and publish geospatial data as maps, dashboards and geo stories.
  • GeoNode, the open source GIS platform to create a complete and interoperable spatial data infrastructure.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you achieve your needs with MapStoreGeoServerGeoNode and GeoNetwork through our Enterprise Support ServicesProfessional Training Services and Subscription Services  please contact us!

Hope to see you there!

The GeoSolutions team,


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