MapStore – Sleek Open Source WebGIS – Webinar

Dear Reader,

Web GIS applications have hugely evolved in the last decades. The first web map server was made available early in the 90’s, and since then we’ve since an explosion of companies and application that help use understand what can we find in a place, where is a place that meets my conditions, where is the best route, and so on. The speed of computers and internet has empowered developers to make faster and better applications that run in personal computers and mobile devices. Most of these applications provide a map,  a list of categories, a search interface and maybe a menu that allows the user to run some analysis.

At the same time, the power for people around the world to communicate has increased.  We now share blogs, videos and images, almost becoming part of our daily live. What if we want to share a story but also combining geospatial data? This will allow us to provide a geospatial context to the information that we want to convey. At the same time, it will allow us to enrich Web GIS clients by providing multimedia content that is hard to convey with only maps.

MapStore with its most recent release allows to develop GeoStories in a very easy way. It allows to combine the power of interactive maps and charts with text, images and videos. I invite you to see a demo GeoStory at the MapStore demo website.

MapStore Dashboards

Screenshot from our demo GeoStory

Other tools exist that do the same, but MapStore is unique because of these combined functionalities:

  • It allows to create GeoStories combining dynamic maps and charts with text, images and videos
  • It is Open Source (Simplified BSD license)
  • The data that creates the maps and dashboard comes via OGC Open Standards (WMS, WFS)
  • It is based on fast  web popular technology: OpenLayers, Leaflet, Cesium and ReactJS
  • Has a powerful editor
  • It allows to configure users and groups
  • Provides the capabilities to share maps and stories to be embedded in other web pages or as single web applications

A recent GeoSolutions blog covers the new functionality of MapStore based on the 2020_02_00 release. We are hosting a webinar on Aug 3rd that will introduce MapStore, the latest bells and whistles from this release and will provide you guidance on how to get started.

I cordially invite you to a free webinar on Monday Aug 3rd at 11:00 Eastern Time (5 PM CEST) by registering at the link below!


Hope to see you virtually on Aug 3rd, meanwhile stay safe and keep strong!