Professional Trainings

We provides professional training on GeoServerMapStore, GeoNetwork and GeoNode for our customers worldwide but we also organizes regularly public trainings at major conferences around the world. Our trainers are renowned professionals in the open source geospatial community and have in depth technical knowledge about the various products we provide trainings for. This is  our point of strenght with respect to other offerings, our trainers know the products they provide trainigs for inside-out since they are part of the development team behind them!

Our team has been proving trainings in the last 10 years for clients as well as at public events like global, regional, and national conferences (like FOSS4G and INSPIRE conference)  all over the world. A non comprehensive list of countries we visited for our trainings include: Italy, USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Belgium, Uganda. Madagascar, Nepal, Suriname, Zambia, Mozambique, South Korea, Austria, Finland, Spain, Portugal and many others.

We can provide our trainings onsite, at your organization premises, but also online as webinars using our corporate webinar platform; webinars will be registered and the registration will be made available to your organization (and nobody else!) for being used as a reference later on

Check our blog for information on next training location or contact us directly if you want to know more about our professional training offerings.