Pakistan Crop Information Portal

The Crop Information Portal is a component of the Pakistan Agriculture Information System. Supports Crop Reporting Services in data and information dissemination on Pakistan’s major crops (wheat, maize, rice, cotton and sugarcane) and agro-meteorological conditions affecting crop growth. Crop Information Portal makes available to WEB users the historical archive and the latest produced crop and agro-meteorological data aggregated at district/province scale and integrated with satellite based information into a GIS like environment.

It Allows advanced aggregation and filtering of the data on the combination of user defined spatial and temporal parameters, focusing on specific crops or environmental factors, which are stored into the system, to produce standard outputs such as summary tables, maps, charts and user defined reports.  The users can check the risk contitions for the crops, inferring the agro-meteorological data with a database containing the values ​​of risk in certain periods of the plant growth.

It Provides also a SITS( *Satellite Image Time Series* ) of the the NDVI( *Normalized Difference Vegetation Index* ) at 10 days interval ( *dekad* ).  The users can compare statistical data about crops with the satellite images directly on the map and evaluate the influence of meteorological conditions on agricultural production.

The Portal provides also an administration interface to allow the administrators to update the information available on the server. They can add crops and agro-meteorological variables to the system,  choosing the aggregation method and unit of measure, manage and keep updated the published data or publish the latest NDVI images. They can also process raster images to create statistical data, ready to be ingested in the system or  used for different purpose. 

The architecture for the portal comprises solely of Open Source components: GeoServer is used as the tool for managing and disseminating maps and vector data, MapStore is used as a WebGis, customized with many plugins developed for this application, GeoBatch for advanced raster and vector spatial data processing and publishing automation and eventually OpenSDI Manager, that provides a user friendly interface to manage the whole system.


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