Fouta Djallon Highlands (FDH) Atlas

Project types: Application development

The Fouta Djallon Highlands (FDH) are a series of high plateaus concentrated in the central part of Guinea and extending into Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Senegal and Sierra Leone. This area is the point of origin of a number of transboundary rivers in West Africa, notably the Gambia, Niger and Senegal rivers, as well as a number of small water courses. Due to their geographic and climatic diversity, the highlands and the surrounding foothills support a rich variety of ecosystems.

This project, which was developed in close collaboration with the FAO Natural Resources and Environment, Land and Water Division (NRL), aimed to create an integrated GeoPortal to be used to document geospatial datasets and outputs in the Fouta Djallon Highlands, to help policy makers improve natural resource management in the region. The portal includes elements related to general information on the system, a metadata catalogue for retrieving data, and a WebGIS platform for displaying data. The GeoPortal will be a key tool to document significant geo-spatial datasets and outputs collected by the projects in the area and generate and disseminate high quality information for an improved management of the natural resources of the area.

The architecture for the portal comprises solely of Open Source components: GeoServer is used as the tool for managing and disseminating maps and vector data, GeoNetwork is used to catalogue and search spatial and non-spatial datasets and eventually MapStore is used as a WebGis for linking together maps and searches for an integrated user experience.



  • GeoServer