WMS cascading in latest GeoServer

One of the new exciting features in the GeoServer 2.1 series is WMS cascading.For those that are not familiar with it, cascading allows to expose layers coming from other WMS servers as if they were local layers. This provides for some interesting advantages:Clients connecting to your SDI need to care about less points of origin, which might be important for high security networksIt is now possible to ask for maps in formats not supported by the original server, or to reproject the maps in projections not supported by the original server (GeoServer supports out of the box almost 5000 different coordinate...


Sharing thoughts about FOSS4G-IT 2010 part 1

Ciao a tutti,as announced in a previous post today we start to share the materials produced for the Foss4g-IT conference. Thanks to SUPSI, that in Lugano was host of this nice event, we had a very good time.In this first part we are sharing the slides of the presentation that Ing Simone Giannecchini, founder of GeoSolutions, illustrated at SUPSI’s Aula Magna.In this presentation you’ll find the state of art as far as Geoserver and its latest features are concerned: integrated security, dynamic symbolizers and ImageIO-Ext GDAL support. Also, quite interesting, it’s the use case describing an integrated system for scientific...


Notizie dal FOSS4G-IT 2010 Lugano

Scriviamo dall’aula magna della Scuola Università Professionale della Svizzera Italiana (SUPSI) che gentilmente ospita presso le sue strutture l’edizione 2010 del FOSS4G-IT.Di seguito pubblichiamo uno scatto della giornata di ieri, la giornata dedicata ai workshop, tipicamente il momento nel quale gli ‘esperti’ del campo condividono le loro conoscenze per la formazione.GeoSolutions, tramite Alessio Fabiani e Simone Giannecchini, core developers di Geoserver, GeoTools, GeoBatch e ImageIO-Ext, hanno messo a disposizione dei partecipanti le loro conoscenze di sviluppatori del Geoserver in tre intense ore di formazione di base e non solo.E’ stata un’ottima occasione sia per noi di testare le nostre capacità...